7 Girifna Detainees Released

Following this week’s earlier release of Amar Dirar and Shareef Kamal on Wednesday afternoon, three additional Girifna members, Gazi Altayeb, Nagi Musa, and Omar Ahmad Hamid were released yesterday by Sudan's National Security and Intelligence Service (NISS). No information is currently available about the condition of these five detainees. Just days earlier on Monday, Mohammed Mahjoub, a Girifna detainee, was released and is currently suffering from post traumatic stress resulting from the conditions of his detention. Khalaf Saeed, a detained Girifna member, was released on January 31st, and has testified that he endured torture and mock execution. To this date, the following Girifna members remain in detention: Taj Elsir Jafar, Mohamed Idris Gido, and Ibrahim Magzou. More information can be found here. 

Originally Posted: 
Friday, February 10, 2012